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    S3 Import Requirements
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  • While we can never account for all edge cases, we can develop an import strategy for the majority of issues.

    Here is a brief rundown of what is required of .geojson files placed in the whosonfirst.mapzen.com S3 misc folder:

    We must always have the following attributes:

    • id: (wof:id)
    • placetype: (wof:placetype)
    • name: (wof:name)
    • country: (ideally: iso:country / otherwise: wof:country)
    • parent_id: (wof:parent_id)

    We should not include the following:

    • Un-prefixed attribute headings (ex: name, parent, or id)
    • Descendant ids (we don’t need to include child ids)

    For one-off parenting issues:

    If a record has more than one parent record, include one of the following values:

    • -1 (unknown, needs review)
    • -2 (shrug, really complicated)
    • -3 (contested, but not disputed.. used for placetypes below the locality level)
    • -4 (multiple "legal" parents.. used for placetypes at the locality level or above)